There are times when you feel that you have waited long enough. You question God and ask “Why is my prayer request taking so long?” Well, let’s examine the request and see if it falls into one of two categories. Is it a selfish request? Or is it one that will glorify our Father in heaven?

Years ago, as a new trainee in the drywall field, I learned how to treat plaster problems with drywall finishing best dowel jig for woodworking and materials. To the surprise of my boss and me, we simply applied these materials and finishing methods to a large cracked plaster ceiling and the results turned out quite nice. Our customer was very pleased.

Hate grows into more hate. Children who are abused or neglected are cheated out of the lessons of love. They are condemned to a life cycle of damaged relationships. Trust and faith are fragile, shattering with every strong breeze. Abused children learn at a very young age that the chance of rescue is rare. Most adults ignore the abusive situations as well as the cries for help, so the child stops asking. And then the anger takes hold. No matter what comes along as they grow up, asking for help is a lost option. The realistic, life-spanning expectation has been set: I’m all alone in this world.

This is a good way to program your mind and thoughts. Instead of allowing others, TV, radio and magazine advertisements to program your mind and thoughts, control you and thereby force you to engage in bad habits, take matters into your hands and begin to constantly program your mind and thoughts with positive affirmations for success and happiness.

Sarah – Can you believe that Christmas is almost here? The holidays are approaching, are you having any kind of special promotions for this special time of year? If so, what are they? If no, why not?

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2- Have open dialogue. You will want to make your case and you will want to listen to theirs as well. Active listening is the most important part of this step. Listen for consistency in their story to find out if your have the real pain point or motivation. As in the example above, if price appears to be the issue but the seller mentions the inconvenience of managing the property from 90 minutes away, then addressing his pain point will probably lead to a discount in price.

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