It is going to be Thanksgiving time again. Our kids will be taking a school break soon and we are going to want to keep them busy. I have some great sites that I have found that have free Thanksgiving coloring pages. These sites are wonderful for a range of all kinds of people. They will help homeschoolers, teachers, day care workers, and even stay at home moms.

You can now decorate the front cover of the coloring book with stickers, pictures from clipart, and the child’s name if you wish to personalize their coloring book.

Puzzles- These are not only a great learning tool, but they are fun too. Puzzles are great for memory, concentration and dexterity. I recommend a puzzle with letters and numbers to encourage a little bit of learning while they are having fun!

Begin the day off right by making Green Eggs and Ham. Not only will your kids love this different breakfast idea, but the whole family will have a blast. Finish off breakfast, by whipping out ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and read to the children. The room will be filled with giggles!

You can plan a crafting activity at your child’s party. Let each party guest make a craft and they can bring it home as a party favor. You can also print out some coloring sheets, coloring books and let the kids color them. Little kids enjoy coloring so you can print out some extras and send each child home with a couple.

Markers or Stickers. (Optional) The markers or stickers can be used to decorate the front and back of the coloring book. You can also personalize the coloring books for your children by placing their names on the coloring books with the markers.

Once the child has finished their coloring book, you can repeat the process each time a new coloring book is needed. This can also be used as a party favor for birthday or school parties. You can also create holiday themed coloring books as well with this method.