Having a bath is very important. It allows you to feel clean and refreshed. It is therefore important that the bathing area is made as beautiful as possible. South Western shower curtains are based on a theme that involves warm earthly colors. This theme can be used to decorate the whole house. However, you can mix different themes.

My favorite feature about this Shower Curtain made from Vintage Buttons is that you can really find a new and unique way to display your vintage buttons!

Use butterflies by attaching nylon butterflies on the tie backs for the windows or best shower curtains. It’s easy, and the window or shower will be framed with a delicate elegance.

But why settle for just a fish shower curtain when one can transform a bathroom into an underwater adventure. Adorn the walls with a mural of different underwater cartoon creatures and decorate the area with plastic corals and shells. Look for bath soaps and scrubs that closely resemble things one would find in the sea. Unleash your creativity when decorating the bathroom so that your child will feel much more excited about bath time.

Measure. A standard shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches; however, measure your own. Since the curtain will not contact water, let your imagination run wild. Can you raise the rod and make a larger, more dramatic curtain? Do you want your shower curtain to pool on the ground in the manner of expensively flowing draperies?

It is advisable to have your curtains made with lining in order to prevent sun rot. This can be harmful to the curtains meaning that they will give you shorter service and are also not so pleasant to look at. The sun can also damage your curtains by fading with time; the lining will come in handy to prevent this. Curtains if not in good condition can give a negative image to your home.

If you are connected to electricity just flip on the hot water heater. Once the water is hot (check it in the kitchen sink) you are ready to proceed. Usually I turn off the hot water heater at this point and stop the generator. Take the removable carpeted floor section from in front of the shower and place it out of the way, preferably where neither you nor your traveling companion will trip on it. Now pull the shower walls out.

Using acrylic paints and a plastic shower curtain, paint the design of your choice directly on the curtain. This is a great way to create a whimsical curtain for the children’s bathroom. Use stamps or stencils of your choice or let the kids have a blast and create their own masterpiece. For a nautical decor, use tape to create vibrant vertical stripes in any color you desire. If you have a deft hand, display your own artwork and enjoy the pleasant compliments that are sure to be forthcoming when your friends and family witness your playful and smile-inducing decorating savvy.