Pinterest is a new social media platform. Sort of. It’s not that new. It has been around, but it’s just now getting popular for certain reasons. It seems new because it is just starting to get popular. It seems like every day there are lots of new people joining the system. It’s making the news in a variety of Internet circles. Have you set up a profile for your business yet? How come? Pinterest is proving a great way to share the personality of your business with others. Let’s look at a few ways that you can use the system to benefit your business.

When you start talking to people with the intention to find prospects, make sure that whatever you talk about ADDS VALUE to them. People appreciate this and will listen more to you. More importantly, they will begin to TRUST YOU. And when they start trusting you, it is more likely that they’ll want to follow your footsteps too! Remember this, “giving is receiving”!

Sharing your blog posts and having your friends share them to their network makes your posts go viral, which means you’re the network of that friend will see it too and will be able to share it. This will boost your search engine results tremendously.

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Third, there’s an old football strategy to go vertical with your passing game. This is true of My collection as well. Create your pins vertically rather tan horizontally because you will take up more real estate.

Share great content. Update your status regularly. Try using different times of day to send out your content to see which content gets the best response. You want to mix it up. If you constantly post information about your industry and nothing else, no one will listen to you. The exception here is Linkedin because it’s the number one business network, and you should only offer content related to your business.

What is special about the items in the photograph? What are the items sitting on? Is there anything else around the main items in the image? Are they bright? Black and white? Colorful? or Colourful? or both?! :p Show me your examples! And remember…it’s boring to tag your images but it’s completely worth it!