If you have owned a car for an extended period of time you know sooner or later your check engine light, which is also known as the malfunction indicator light will come on. Whether the time is convenient or not is beside the point. What you should know is that a check engine light is not something to be ignored. Performing basic maintenance on your car not only will extend the life of your car, but will also maintain its value if you should decide to sell it in the future. So, if this light goes off make sure you get it taken care of by your mechanic as soon as possible. A red check engine light, or a blinking check engine light may indicate a very serious problem, so pull over immediately and call for assistance.

When a car burns fuel gases are produced. They must be removed so that new fuel can be burned. The pistons in the engine’s cylinders force gas out of the engine. It passes through a muffler into tail pipes. The muffler also keeps the car running quietly. For about thirty years cars have been equipped with a catalytic converter recyclers. It reduces pollution by converting harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water.

Activate the lights. Turn on the headlights to ensure that they are working — high and low beams. Get out and observe the same, check the turn signal lights, fog lights and brake lights. Look closely at the headlamps — there should be no moisture gathering inside.

I paid for the part but was going to have to wait a couple of days for it to be shipped to my guy. In the interim, my “service engine soon” light was off. After a couple of days of it being off, I went back to old one eye, and he finished the inspection!

Take out all pieces of the exhaust that you plan on replacing. Take them off the hangers and lay your parts aside. You should now have catalytic converter recycling all of the pipe removed. If you’ve got brand-new hangers (suggested because stock ones are spongy and old), cut off the old ones with some sort of cutting tool (dremel will work).

Second, hydrogen fuel cells will not harm the environment – in fact, they will actually help reduce environmental damage! Unlike “dirty” gas or diesel fuels, hydrogen and oxygen burn cleanly. Only water is discharged into the atmosphere. That means a reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gases.

I am sure there will be copycats of CarMD in the near future, but they have set the bar. The only thing that would be better is if you could use it on older cars too. I do not know why you can’t, most 80’s cars have computers, and I had them plug in my ’86 Camaro at AutoZone.