There are a number of excellent WordPress plug-ins that are available to help you to integrate your personal or business blog with Twitter. With these plug-ins, you can add links to Twitter users, share photos, track tweets related to your blog, and more. Here are four unique WordPress plug-ins that can help you to make use of Twitter on your blog.

Put your information about your upcoming event on your register receipt. Many cash registers and computer POS systems will allow you to put a short message on the receipt. You’d be amazed how many people read them!

It’s not hard to build a list of Email subscribers. Simply place a sign-up form on your site and request sign-ups for your newsletter, daily tips for email course or whatever free gift you’re offering.

The saying, “It is not what you know, it’s who you know” is still very relevant. Networking plays a key role in everything you do not just when you are searching for a job. This is one area where social media can make job hunting either very easy or very difficult. If you are well connected whether through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn you may not even need to search for a job, the job could come to you. If that does not happen, it could and will most likely still be a deal maker or breaker.

The most important aspect of joining a dating site is the follow my journey. You must make yourself look like you’d be an interesting person to spend time with. Think about how you want to be perceived – you don’t want to come across as arrogant, pretentious, needy or desperate. Read other peoples’ profiles to get some tips – pay special attention to the bad profile and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Try and use some humour – your profile is like an advertisement of yourself, and the purchase is a date. You want to make yourself seem like a fun date. Writing the profile is the most difficult aspect of online dating, so be prepared to spend some time on it.

Are you spending most of your time writing blog posts or creating products? Are you out there networking and getting yourself ‘out there’, or are you working in your own little world?

The issue is that it is finished and the journey begins. I want to walk you through it because it is intriguing what I’m doing here and it just might help you if you have the same aspiration. See, I have an interesting strategy. I have contacts in celebrityville. That’s right! If I can’t get in touch with the celebrity myself, I certainly can get a hold of any celebrity’s manager, agent or publicist. I’ve been doing it now for a few years and I’ve finally decided to start writing about it.

Etiquette in a role playing chat room is like having good manners anywhere in life. Listening to others, and being respectful of what they are doing, is the most important thing. Then, try to join in, adding to the game, and the conversation, without taking over the entire chat.