If you want to have success with your online business, it’s pivotal that you test and track your efforts. Without testing and tracking, you will never know what 1 thing that needs to be changed to boost your profits, or to get you more traffic. There are many ways that you can test and track your efforts, and these ways are incredibly simple and easy to do.

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Assuming that we both have trackback protocols, a tool used to keep track of this activity between our blogsites, Blogger #2 will now be notified that I mentioned his/her blog in my site.

Creative Juices – The person with the AC Bug has an excess of creative juices and are known to put gray matter to good use. At times these creative juices can dry up, which is not conducive to treatment of the AC Bug, but no worries, with persistence, or by communication with other people who have the AC Bug, the juices can be stimulated to produce again.

Read my blog helps you rank better with search engines. When you create more and more blog posts you are creating a larger web presence. You should be blogging at least 10 to 20 times a month. I know this is hard but it will help so so much! Your site is growing improving the probability of one of your pages being discovered. Make sure that you are placing relevant keywords (words or phrases that someone would Google to find your website) in your blog post titles so that people within your target market find your blog. The search engines, like Google, like bigger website. They have more to index which improves your web rank.

Article marketing is another one of the ways to make money Blogging online for free. You can write reviews about affiliate products or services that you are familiar with or have used yourself. You can list the pros and cons for the product or service and state why you feel this way. be sure to state whether or not you recommend this product or service. If it is something that you would recommend, be sure to put your link in the article or in the resource box so you get credit for it if they buy.

Not only is the average person too lazy to read, but we are living in the age of entertainment. The more entertaining you can be, the greater your chances of internet sales success.

Posting pictures to your personal Web site is one way to make your Web site personal. Almost everyone does it. Parents post pictures of their kids on their personal Web sites so why can’t kids post pictures of themselves? They can, but they need to be careful what they post. As long as they don’t post any personal information (see list above) on their Web site or blog, posting pictures is relatively harmless as long as they be careful what pictures they post.