Whether inside or outside of your homes, it is nice to have a fountain set up. Usually, it is placed in the garden. The water is a nice addition as it balances the different elements.

Choosing a fountain isn’t always easy. There is a wide range of fountains available, from inexpensive molded plastic fountains to expensive carved stone garden fountains. With such a wide range, it can be difficult to find one to fit your garden and your budget. You’ll want to choose a fountain that enhances your garden and backyard, and will last for many years.

Consult an electrician who could install the ground fault circuit interrupter near the man-made pond. The cord length depends on how far the đài phun nước is from the pond. Ideally, the landscaping for the garden fountain is inches close to the patio so that while you are relaxing on the patio, you are soothed with the sounds coming from your fountain.

Fill the pond with water by putting the pump into the water, Let the tubing be submerge but at the same time, make sure that it remains hanging by the bottom of the statue. Double check that it is the right fit above the pump’s adaptor.

A good choice for a garden fountain would be a mid-range fountain. These fountains are often made of poly resin, or a stone and resin mix. They are affordable, and will stand up to the weather very well. These fountains are also much lighter, and easier to handle than stone, while retaining the look and feel of stone.

Steel: Simply wipe clean with a damp sponge or soft cloth. Don’t use bleach or anything containing bleach–this will not only discolor the steel, but also eat away at the pump.

If you bought your backyard water fountain in a store, it should tell you what size pump you need, if it doesn’t come with the fountain. If your making your own, you should try to estimate so that every inch of width you add, you have about 100 gallons per hour being pumped. Remember elevation will also affect how much water you are pumping. Many newer pumps can be adjusted or turned down, but not much.