Outdoor wedding photography is a great way to increase the elegance and romance of your wedding pictures. Whether you are the bride, groom or just someone that is going to a wedding with a camera, outdoor pictures can be the ones that look the best. We have decided to help out by putting together a few tips to help anyone in taking outdoor wedding pictures.

Talk to your partner and reach a mutually agreed decision about what type of singapore wedding photography you require. Your choice of wedding photographers depends upon the grandeur of your wedding event. If yours is a simple wedding ceremony attended by few people, you’ll have different requirements than those whose wedding is a grand occasion.

Old Photos. Lots of people find old photographs interesting. You have the ones of towns and cities a hundred years ago and the victorian style portraits. You can recreate this with a view that doesn’t contain anything obviously modern, capture the image and turn it into a sepia print, either digitally or with a print kit. Apart from enlargements as souvenirs, they also make great postcards. There still are expensive franchises for victorian portrait businesses available today, the exact same prints can be made on your computer or by kit. You could offer the full portrait service if you wanted, with clothes to change into, you decide.

You want the photographer to be there for the introduction of the wedding party, the first dances, the toasts and the cake cutting and the bouquet and garter tosses and perhaps the departure. And, of course, some photos of your guests having fun, eating and dancing , etc. You can probably accomplish these things in two to three hours. Having a seated dinner will probably take somewhat longer. You can even do a departure with bubbles, etc. if you want to and just return to finish the reception. Many couples have a departure and then use that interval to change clothes and return to the reception to dance the night away.

Besides the natural search, how is it different that traditional photography? Contemporary photographers know that today’s couples want to enjoy their wedding day. Couples spend so much time and money in planning and preparation for the event. It makes no sense to miss a few hours of the wedding, is bossed around by a photographer who can take care of them too stiff, rigid, is uncomfortable. Is recorded many photographers are now offering a “photo journalism” style of photography, where the day just so happened.

Discuss the type of coverage you require and ask to see samples of complete weddings they have done. Pay attention to their personalities, is this the person you want to work with on your wedding day. Remember your photographer will largely be running the show on the day, particularly up to the meal. Be sure he/she has both the skill and attitude to do this without upsetting you or your guests.

We once shot a wedding at a very nice country club in Newport Beach, CA and the reception was about the worst we’ve ever seen. No, don’t get me wrong- the couple was beautiful, the table settings were elegant, the food was great, but there was one problem… The DJ was bad. I mean bride running out of the room crying-bad! I’m talking groom asking the DJ to actually leave- bad! Was it their first time? Maybe. Were they a “great deal” not so much. It was sad but I kept asking myself- what made the couple decide to hire THAT DJ? To me, it was obvious that these people never worked a wedding in their lives. I’m sure the couple would’ve gone a different route if they could do it all over again.

To begin, create a checklist, you should understand what the bride and groom are looking for. What type of photos they want – formal, color, black and white mix?? Any particular shots they want. Help them with this decision, if possible, show them what you have done before the samples.