It’s the fourth episode of real people “hurt by the recession,” vying for a spot in the Trump empire. Last week James was fired but he ended up with a job at the Attorney General’s office. As winning project manager for the last task, Tyana met with Russell Simmons who gave her business advice and a $10,000 Calvin Klein gift certificate.

Over at Fortitude Charlie Todd gave advice and the gals decided to do their video in a gym. The theme would be people eating popcorn while working out during lunch. Tyana was causing disruptions again by complaining and annoying everyone on the team. Don Jr. thought Mahsa was in control – but maybe with a bit too much control – over her group.

The Phoenix haboob rocked its way through Phoenix this week, and the aftermath through both hit photos and viral videos of the dust storm have made a blasting impact on Twitter as well. It became a trending topic early Tuesday morning.

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While no one questions Ms. Brockwell’s genuinely heartfelt anguish, was the basic cause the berita viral – which one has to seek out on YouTube, as opposed to seeing it appear unexpectedly on broadcast or cable television – or her father’s suicide itself? Had he not killed himself in this manner, would she still have felt the same way about seeing the video?

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There you have my eclectic list of the top three viral videos that make me smile. The first video makes me feel smart. The second video is just really good music. The third video is perfect in its simplicity and it puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. If you haven’t seen these three viral videos check them out. Maybe you will want to pass them along to your friends. All three videos are available on YouTube.