If you have an outdoor deck that has seen better days, you may want to put the time and effort into refinishing it on your own, rather than replacing it. Deck refinishing can be a fairly straightforward process, and the end result can be a beautiful addition to any home. There are several steps to take when going about a wood deck refinishing, from inspection of the deck to the final staining and sealing. To get started, you must inspect your deck, looking for structural problems that need to be repaired. These could include rotting or split wood, as well as loose boards.

How does Deck refinishing correct these problems? The acid in your cleaning solution repairs the damage caused by the sun. Bleach kills the mold and mildew, and pressure washing gets rid of the dirt that harbors microorganisms. Deck sealer stops water damage to keep the nails from popping out. Deck refinishing sanding gets rid of splinters that hide dirt and make sealing difficult. Also, replacing any rotting wood prevents the rot from spreading.

Low barrier to entry. This is key. A low barrier to entry means that your new business is one that is relatively easy and inexpensive to begin. Perhaps you can put to use the talents that have that are lying dormant or are not currently that helpful in a financial sense. One of the reasons that you are looking for additional income is that you don’t have enough income to begin with.

Directly across from Stan’s but on Main Street is Cocina Michoacana the Deck refinishing popular Mexican restaurant doing an authentic job seven days a week lunch and dinner. The green sauce is by far the best we have had north of the border, try the enchiladas.

You should also consider what exactly you are going to be storing in your box. Divider and compartments are great for organizing littler items. Additionally, if the box’s purpose is to put away larger items, make sure they will fit inside. If you are storing sharp or dangerous items like pool chemicals or grill accessories, then make sure you buy a box that is capable of locking.

Tree Houses. Who says decks are limited to houses? Nobody, that’s who! Now’s the perfect time to add a flight of stairs and some decking to that Southern live oak in your backyard. The versatility of decks means there’s no end to the possibilities.

You will need a rake, shovel, hoes, water hose or sprinkler and garden stakes. You may also have read up some gardening reference books to learn more about suitable fertilizers and soil for the kind of plants or flowers you wanted to grow.

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