Many of us can easily spot the marketing mistakes made by others, but not necessarily our own. If you read enough case studies about mistakes businesses make, then one thing should stand out. It really doesn’t matter type of business model is being used, as mistakes can be made across the board. They are not confined to companies of certain sizes or who use certain tactics. And that’s why you have to update your knowledge about marketing mistakes and how pervasive they can be. Look over the marketing mistakes we’ll be describing in this article and make sure you’re not falling prey to any of them.

From telling people that you are getting ready to take a shower to telling others how mad you are about something, Twitter provides a great avenue for sending messages. You can also upload your blog feed to Twitter so that Twitter automatically posts your new blogs online for others to see. Twitter is a great way to gain exposure for those who are otherwise unknown. From celebrities to your mom and dad, everyone seems to have a Twitter account. But the big question on many people’s minds is whether or not Twitter will last. Is this Read my tweets revolution similar to Facebook and MySpace? Will it have any staying power, or will it fade away almost as abruptly as it came into the lives of so many? Only time will tell.

I gave my husband a steamy kiss this morning (instead of a peck on the cheek) because I was feeling pretty confident about myself. I think I shocked him, but I know he liked it.

Psychologists now recognize that for some users, the world of social media comes with dangers. Symptoms ranging from the relatively minor (mild disappointment) to the most serious (thoughts of suicide) are widespread enough to net a new diagnosis: Facebook depression.

You should read this article as you will find out how to lose weight in a short period of time just by applying a few things in our daily activities. So read on.

Add your content to an autoresponder. This step ensures any prospects who sign up for your lists after you distribute your content won’t miss your newest tips. What’s more, an autoresponder allows you maintain contact with subscribers and share your marketing message with minimal effort.

Next time I ruin dinner because my mind is on other things I will suggest take out. If take out is not an option I will make sure I let my husband know before I start dinner about my day so we can work together on dinner (avoiding the ruined meal).

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