Choosing party hats are an important part of your event. Therefore you want to make sure that you make the right deicision and ensure that you make it in a timely manner so that you can plan the bigger details of your event. I frimly believe if you follow these simple steps that you will find this process to be much easier and your next event will be your best one yet.

Hours went by, and finally I watched as Bubba hopped his little behind up on the chair and placed his head down in his paws for a nap. Perfect! You have no idea how satisfied I feel when I see my dog approve of something I bring home. A $100 chair was a big ticket item for what we usually spend on him, and seeing him actually using it was well worth it.

You can even enhance the beauty of your gardens while distracting pests from your more valuable crops. It has long been practiced to plant nasturtiums as a border to draw damaging insects from your “cabbage family” crops. Another tip is to plant marigolds to drive unwanted pests away because of the fragrance they emit. There are many ways and things you can incorporate into your pest control strategy to avoid the use of chemicals and harmful pesticides.

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We wanted it simply because it looked like an actual humans chair shrunk down to an size meant for a king, or small child. The chair itself is 16 1/2Dx21 1/2Wx20H”. It was the perfect size for our 8 pound little guy. Heck, even my moms dogs would be able to hop on with room. But this chair was for Bubba, I’m just saying, it could easily fit 2 or 3 small yorkies or Chihuahuas.

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