I’m guessing why you’re here is because you were (or know someone who was) charged with a DUI in Tampa, Florida. Not you’re wondering where to start, surfing the internet for info, worried who else might find out, and probably concerned if you’ll lose you’re job because of this. I know because I was charged with a DUI too. It wasn’t fun, but in the end I made it through, and you will too.

Most people call this Junk Mail. So do I. But so what? If it creates a tangible profit for your business, what difference does it make what it’s called?

Another post says, “I believe in free speech but this is by no means in that category. How would you feel if this was one of your loved ones or if it were you? I don’t think it would be so funny then. You maybe laughing now but once Facebook reviews this page they can not only delete it but ban your ip address etc. as well. I am by no means threatening you because most likely you are some teenager or older that thinks this kind of thing is funny. But put yourself in the shoes of the victim if this were actually happening and see how you’d feel then. It is no laughing matter,” posted Leala.

The scene above may be a simple story but there is a serious point or two behind it. It neatly illustrates one of the very best reasons to consider using freeads sites – instant advertising. No waiting around. No deadlines.

Choose your course carefully. If you will be participating in an organized ride, make sure you research the course thoroughly. Talk with other cyclists and Google reviews of the actual ride. Look at the course profile to see how many climbs there are and if you are comfortable with them. I wouldn’t pick the Triple Bypass Ride of Colorado as my first century for example. Find out how well organized the ride is and what the rest stops will be stocking.

Your little town or suburb may be bigger than you think when it comes to jobs in music. Is there a local bar or pub that frequent books live entertainment? Could they use a booking agent or can you talk to some of the local bands that play there to be their representative or agent? Do you have a local theater that puts on plays or musicals? What about your local high school: do they need a choir, orchestra or theater instructor?

Most people can pick out a shady dealer, but their desire for a deal makes them ignore obvious red flags. Sometimes, low prices on the internet are low for a reason.

These bum marketing tips we just gave you are known to work and be effective. So go out and continue your bum marketing education because in the end it will pay off.