Your garage, is it a glorified storage room? Is it packed full with boxes or unlabeled and overflowing bins from old garage sales, Christmas decorations, beach toys, and Halloween decor? Is it almost impossible to find a rake or shovel or edger if you need it? Your tools are they scattered everywhere? Do you have to push aside piles of screens torn and bent to get your lawn mower or bicycle or stroller? Is your garage so full you have no room to park your car in it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t you think it’s time to get your garage organized.

Because there are so many types of plastics, it is important that you are able to classify them accordingly to its type so you know which ones will go into your O2 sensor recycling bin and which ones should be reused for other purposes.

When you are recycling paper, you want a different container for each type of paper. The magazines, glossy printed flyers, newspaper inserts, phone books, envelopes, computer paper, old letters and paper packaging can all go into the same recycling bin. Newspapers however require their own bin just as corrugated cardboard and plastic lined drink boxes both requires separate containers.

The recycling involves collection and separation of the glass-related items. Then the glass is cleaned of contaminants and purified. The it is then crushed and with a raw material mix it is melted in a furnace, creating new glass that can then be blow into new products. Glass that is recycled can also be used, once crushed, in a type of road paving, called glassphalt.

Let your child be in charge of the recycling projects you go on. You can designate bins together and let them be responsible for making signs for each bin. Let them decorate the bins to create a sense of ownership.

Ease of implementation – A rating of 3 would seem logical. It would not be extremely difficult to get employees to comply with such a oxygen sensor recycling program. But, it would take some time to get used to, and to get rid of old habits. It may take a few reminders and memos.

With a little persistence, you can finally put a stop to junk mail from finding its way into your mailbox. Spread the word among friends and family that you support a local charity so that they may choose to donate, rather than buy you unnecessary gifts. Let them know their generosity is appreciated. When you do need to purchase storage products, be aware of what you choose to consume. Is it a recycled or biodegradable product? Do you need to buy all new products, or would it be possible to find what you need at a local thrift store?

One thing you may be unaware of is that if your local area does not have enough workers or machinery, there are times where the recycling that you have done is just thrown away as there is too much to go through. Make sure that when you do take the time to recycle that it’s going to a place that is actually processing your goods versus ending up in the garbage. If not, this is simply a huge hassle for you with no good end results.