Houston has a rich tradition of spectacular athletes. In basketball, Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Calvin Murphy and Elvin Hayes played here.

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Pro Flowers offers an exotic Valentine’s Day gift bouquet of Pink Ribbon Lillies for $44.99. A lovely alternative to the traditional bouquet of red roses, plus 10% of the price is used as a donation to Komen for the Cure. So you get to make your special lady happy and give to a worthy cause for Valentine’s Day.

Bruce Lee (Hong Kong) Though Lee has been dead over 30 years, his magnetic presence on screen and spectacular stunts have earned his films cult status. Born in California, marrying an American, but speaking Cantonese and achieving fame through his work in the Hong Kong film industry, Bruce Lee was the original hybrid between East and West.

From her vantage point, Clarissa could tape his progress. She zoomed in on the basket as Gianelli lowered it to the ground. Her informant insinuated there were illegal substances in the basket, calling Gianelli a ‘major distributor.’ If she could only get the evidence, Clarissa could enter the big leagues of journalism.

Manny Pacquiao is a boxing star that dominates the headlines even if he doesn’t win the round. The popular celebrity isn’t thinking about boxing at the moment and it’s worrying the fans. As the only boxer to win eight different weight classes is in the middle of campaign season, the last thing he is thinking about is throwing a punch in the ring. On Wednesday the star talked briefly to The Philippine Star but didn’t want to discuss boxing at all.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Mexico) While Bernal starred in Amores Perros and Y tu Mama tambien, his real fame in the U.S. came when he played a young Che in The Motorcycle Diaries.

In all the books I’ve read about successful people – I don’t recall reading about anybody that became successful without persistence. Nobody made it by quitting. They all had help and they all kept trying. From Henry Ford to Bill Gates to Pete Winslow. Pete who? Pete Winslow – a friend of mine that tried to lose weight for years. He tried every diet in the book – every weight loss program on the market. Nothing worked, or if it did he gained the weight back as soon as he stopped the program. Then he found a coach and his wife and daughter got involved. Did it make a difference? Over 50 kilos in 18 months! And it stayed off because it was done properly! Yep – it made a difference.