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Raised by a single mother Najee and his brother Fareed were well versed in music via the record player as children. Najee began his musical journey on a clarinet in grammar school but he soon changed to the flute and saxophone. He began playing gigs professionally at age 15. Much of his career Najee and his brother Fareed have shared the stage together.

The club’s mission is to teach area students the game and life lessons. Members have won state, regional and national competitions. People wanting to learn how to play chess should show up between 4 and 6 p.m. There will be no teaching between 6 and 8 p.m., but visitors can play chess.

Second generation bass player James Jameson Jr. has been playing bass so well on this tour his Dad would surely be proud. He has followed his Father’s footsteps becoming an in demand session player. He has played sessions for groups like The Originals, Karen Pre, the Pointer Sisters, Janet Jackson, DeBarge, Aretha Franklin, and many more.

What interests me most, though, is how the film differs from Patricia Highsmith’s fine novel. The film medium should not slavishly follow another art form, the novel, but should it veer so far off course as this one? We know that Highsmith was not too happy with film interpretations of her work, but we wonder how she would have reacted to this. She died in 1995; this came out in 1999.

Anybody can learn how to ignore Tinnitus. Your mind has been delicately balanced to ignore things its does not want to accept. This capability is obvious in everybody person out there. Think conscientiously, how many things do you forget or ignore because you hate them.

The musicians come in and bring in what’s going on currently in their heads and their minds currently within, of course the structures, of what Charles has written. So there’s both the discipline and the freedom.