As a Licensed Psychologist and Parenting Specialist, I am often speaking to parents about how to stop tantrums, and how to reduce aggression and anger in children. I find myself repeatedly pointing to a growing trend in our culture, which helps to explain many issues which childhood anger, temper tantrums, violence and aggression.

Avoid medicines that keep you up. Some of the commonly prescribed medications for falling asleep asthma blood pressure or heart ailments disrupt sleep. If your medicine has been keeping you up, tell your doctor about it. You may be given alternative medication.

You may experience skin problems. Such things as itchy or burning skin or even numbness can occur. Numbness may be a side effect of hyper-ventilating and with relaxation breathing, the numbness can potentially go away.

To address this concern, you should relax. You and your baby are first – timers, you should learn how to adjust. Just learn the correct latch position and you would eventually get it right.

If you regularly go to bed and then lie awake for several hours before finally falling asleep, it’s possible that you have insomnia. If you have no problem falling high tech bed but regularly wake up after a few hours and then are unable to go back to sleep, you might be suffering from insomnia.

In a nutshell, that’s it. Give the busy mind a chance to rest. In time, it will begin to ease into this gift more readily and be less of a monkey. How long do I meditate? Anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Sometimes having a quiet timer nearby is helpful if I’d like to do 20 minutes and not have to worry about bringing myself out of it. Quiet space is key, since you don’t want a jarring noise bringing you out of a meditation. It’s also helpful to be somewhere that you don’t expect any major interruptions if you’d like to go for a deeper experience.

Caffeine containing drinks are stimulant drugs to keep your senses conscious. Coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine as you can also get them from specific flavors of tea and soda pop. Start up a detox within your body and try drinking water as alternative. You may even try including tryptophan-rich foods in your diet. Tryptophan is an important amino acid that helps in generating melatonin. This hormone may help regulate your sleep cycle. You can get this from brown rice, milk, cheese, and chicken.