A couple of years ago, I had some difficult dental work. It was very painful, and while I recovered physically pretty quickly, I had some post -traumatic stress reactions – bad dreams, flashbacks, and upset – after my recovery. I had to acknowledge my upset and feelings, and let them out before the stress reactions subsided.

Cozumel averages 350 days a year of sunshine and the water is 80 degrees or above year round. Underwater visibility is 150 to 250 ft all the time. Cozumel just happens to sit in natural ebb n flow of the ocean making ideal conditions to keep the water clean, while providing nutrients that the coral feed on and even a better place to don your snorkel gear to enjoy the beauty of it all. Since the water is crystal clear the sunlight penetrates deeper, this allows for the coral to grow at much deeper depths. Not to mention all the species of fish that live therein. These coral play host to over 500 species of fish. And if that isn’t enough a large part of the ancient Mesoamerican barrier reef lies just off the shore of Cozumel. All this makes for some of the best snorkeling one can find.

(3) We’re going to do something we’ve never done. Here you can be as mild — or as wild — as you dare. Go whitewater rafting. Rent a houseboat. Take a hot air balloon ride. Spend the night in a local bed and breakfast. Learn to dive saint lucia. Dance the whole night away under the stars. The choice is yours.

But do not be fooled by thinking that any Seller is going to be shanghai’d with analysis of their Asset Register, Balance Sheet or P&L for the last year into making the business worth only a couple of thousand dollars for the “2 dive boats” and “16 pink snorkels”.

These things will help you without a doubt. Learning to use them is not so easy, but who said fishing was easy anyway. If it were easy, they wouldn’t call it fishing. You would go out and haul in the fish. Where would be the fun in that?

The male has fins that flow and spread to attract a female to them. In the wild, they have arange of colors, although they are quite dull. Interestingly, the more agitated they are, the stronger the colors are in the wild. Breeders, however, have discovered a way to make their colors permanently vivid for fish lovers. In the wild and in homes alike, their shape and their range of flowing and wide fins are one of the main beautiful parts of this fish.

Being with people you care about and who care about you is a great way to affirm your value as a person, and to confirm that your life has meaning and purpose. Make sure you take good care of your friendship and family relationships. It’s a great way to take care of you. Emotional maintenance means thinking about your emotional health and staying in touch with your feelings. You, too, can have renewed hope and energy, and that’s my wish for you.