What did you dream about as a child? Were there exotic places you wanted to visit? Did you live in a cold climate and dream of a warm escape? Childhood dreams are fun to reflect upon. We see so much of who we were, and who we wanted to be. Although it seems long ago, in the large scheme of things our childhood was just yesterday. This means we still have time to fulfill those dreams today.

Since Brazil is located in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite times of year as those in the United States. Brazil blog‘s summer runs from December 22 to March 21 and winter goes from June 22 to September 21. Since Brazil is so large, temperatures vary widely, especially during winter months. Rainy seasons are also at different times of the year. Besides the weather conditions, you will also want to check the holiday schedule. There are quite a few Brazilian holidays related to historical events or religious celebrations. You certainly don’t want to travel to Brazil when most things are closed or overly crowded.

I had a dream revealing his crimes. He was selling abandoned children for the use of their organs in transplants. This barbarity became known in Brazil at that time. My father was revolted because he lost his child and he hated children. This is why he was participating of this barbarous crime.

For Brazil travel visa card holders you can withdraw from Banco Itau Banco do Brasil and Brandesco. Thus, if ever you plan to withdraw at any of the ATM machines in Rio, it is in Portuguese so make sure you ask for help from bank personnel only. This means that if you will be exchanging your money, you will lose money because of the exchange rate. This makes the ATM’s Cirrus system as your best option since they use the same rate as the one you use back home.

Fortunately, there are little to no complaints about the topic information. Besides precise information… when to be where, my expectations were met with guides that give information on facts (e.g. about the main achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. or during which time George Washington lived).

The Brazil national team are one of the great nations’ biggest exports and brands. Beyond the local flip flops brand they helped make famous this writer struggles to name another so synonymous with the Worlds’ 9th largest economy.

The first thing to keep in mind is the size of the place and the often difficult and unreliable local transport (made harder to negotiate with the language barrier). While seeing heaps of places in a short time in Europe is easy, Brazil on its own is bigger than Australia. Getting around can be a hassle to say the least, but not impossible for a short trip.

I do wonder sometimes how many people can look back on their old articles and wonder what if? This was originally submitted on August of 2008 merely as an article for enjoyment. Yes it did have a link to a personal blog at the time, but that site has long since expired. I merely find it interesting that in two short years this articles has been viewed over three hundred times and received a five star rating. I don’t honestly imagine anyone related to the IOC ever saw something like this. Still, it is fascinating sometimes to look back on an old articles and ponder why many people thought this was enjoyable to read. Thanks everyone.