Have you ever visited a MySpace profile where a cool song is playing, and wondered how to do the same with your MySpace profile? The next articles will discuss and also instruct you on how to simply add music to your MySpace profile.

Regularly Add content. People need a reason to come back to visit you, or they may forget about you. Include regular news updates on your site, a journal, chat room, or discussion board. Build a sense of community so that your visitors will want to come back again and again.

Stay logged into your MySpace account: By staying logged in as much as possible because it will keep your photo up near the top of the list and more people will see you.

No problem. My child doesn’t have a myspace account. Don’t be so sure’ . The dangers inherent in MySpace are there for both follow people on myspace users and non-MySpace users. How can that be, you ask? It happens when someone else signs your daughter or son up for a MySpace account. When my 13 year-old granddaughter’s friend signed her up for an account, she started to receive requests for dates, relationships and sex, quizzes to find out whether she preferred boys or girls, and sexually-explicit images and videos. The friend only needed my granddaughter’s email address to do it.

If you would like to get to know the ins and outs of Twitter, I will list some websites under resources. What I am more concerned about is a thing I call Twitter respect. Many of you know that Twitter is a haven for celebrities, and celebrity egos. It seems nowadays that any celebrity you can think of is Twittering. I follow a few of these folks, like Meghan McCain, who lets you know right away when she is getting yet another speeding ticket. I follow Oprah because I keep hoping she will randomly select myspace account me to get a new car for free. Ellen Degeneres always has something funny to tweet, and Joan Rivers is the funniest, foul mouthed 70+ year old woman on Twitter. Overall, I don’t follow too many celebrities on Twitter. I like my “tweeps” to be regular people just like me.

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The FBI and law enforcement have been working toward making the internet a safer place for people in general. It is easier today than it was even six months ago to catch and prosectute an online stalker. This is an evolving subject for law enforcement, but great strides have already been made. If you feel your child was threatened, contact law enforement.