1) Control your thinking! It is your thoughts that hold you back. Stop the negative thoughts now! Focus on controlling your thoughts, and your thoughts only, and they’ll start leading you towards positive feelings, which will lead to positive actions, and then to positive results! Control your thoughts!

If you think exercise is all right, working out won’t be a chore and you will find the time to Join my network. If you think exercise is evil, then working out will be something that you really don’t want to do and you will avoid it.

Most of the time people quit on their work out regime because they started with too much psych and suffered burn out too soon. Take it in small strides. If it’s jogging start with a kilometer or and add a kilometer every workout methods week or every few days after that. This way you give your body time to adjust accordingly without burning out.

A fruit and vegetable diet takes the least energy for your body to consume, yet supplies the most nutrient-value in return. And since your body uses about 70% of its energy digesting food, it stands to reason that the ‘way of the super-fit vegan,’ should be to consume a diet mainly of raw fruits and vegetables.

Walk up and down your stairs several times for two minute, or until you feel the burn. Then rest for 1 minute and repeat. Do this four times and that’s your twelve minute workout, which can be repeated a few times a day (when kids are in school or gone to bed).

So there you have it, super-fit vegans. Three proven methods that make you tougher than nearly everyone you meet; plus save you money and make your life richer, in the process.

LSD training is the most common approach to cardio training in most commercial gyms. It’s often called steady state training, because you exercise at the same pace for your entire workout.

Trust me; the ‘world at large,’ judging by its increasingly pitiful level of health and fitness, needs you. And should you keep up the good work, they may one day follow you to that place where your body is your ally, and not your enemy.