Online psychology continuing education courses can be helpful for various reasons. If this is an option for you, consider it carefully so you know the benefits you can expect. Then start looking for schools where you can sign up for courses.

Paul Georgieff – Originally from St. Paul, he first went to college at the University of Vermont, and debuted in MMA in 2002. The 24-year-old transferred to Wisconsin, where he’s working on a masters degree in Structural Engineering. He’s now 7-1, and considers wrestling as his weakness.

Are they more likely to succeed in their employment? Tough question and here is why. Is it possible they get into companies with better support structures? Yes. Is that an advantage? Definitely. If they were put into ‘ordinary’ companies (like recruitment firms – where I cut my teeth) then absolutely no. I have worked with Cambridge grads, Durham grads, Northampton grads, Loughborough grads, the list goes on and on. One is no more likely to succeed in that environment than a comparable grad from another.

They used to use one of the top grad recruiters. They have stopped now, why? Because the attrition rate was so high. They got sick of hiring and training people only to lose them after a few months. Even though they had a degree.

In my experience as a psychotherapist I found that people who tell you how happy they are rarely are happy at all. They work to convince themselves all is well within when the rest of the world sees the obvious struggle in their daily behaviors.

Right now you feel like your head (and your world) is spinning, right? Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think straight, and interested in nothing? I have been there. I am happy to say that I have been happily remarried for almost 14 years now, but there was a time that I wouldn’t even get out of bed. That was BEFORE I earned my talk with an online psychologist and learned a little more about human nature. (Not to mention the fact that the first marriage was a bad one that didn’t need to go on…..) But I digress.

To earn a bachelors degree whether to improve your skills or learn something new while you are earning your bread and butter, you have to enroll in a distant learning program. With the advent of internet, distances are not an issue anymore. You can earn a bachelors degree right from your own computer.

That is the great news. The less great news is how do you eliminate what is completely out of your awareness? Because, you see, when programs run in the subconscious mind of the therapist those blocks may well impact how they work with their clients.