Following a good workout, my head was lowered as I sat in the sauna sweating like a turkey on Thanksgiving Eve. My lowered eyes couldn’t help but notice and follow what was the oddest footwear that I’d ever seen at the gym. They sauntered into the sauna like an alien entering a spaceship.

Don’t buy into “the shoe will stretch” salesman talk. The shoe may stretch but for now it should fit your feet like a nice glove. They shouldn’t feel tight, they shouldn’t restrict your foot motion. Your foot still needs to splay out as you walk.

About six million pairs of Cat footwear is manufactured annually and worn in more than one hundred and fifty countries. The reason why cat shoes have gained so much popularity is that they offer complete rest to the feet even at the time of fast walks. The soft cushioned interiors protect the soles and feet and keep them in proper shape during brisk walks. These shoes are right ones during trekking. You can feel the difference after wearing them. You can wear cat T-shirts anywhere and in any condition.

These boots are inspired by the original Mans footwear of the same name, which Native Americans have been wearing for centuries. They’re available in several materials and colors (such as brown, tan, grey, and blue). If you want to enjoy the experience of wearing an original Mukluk, then these are the right style for your needs.

Another type Woman footwear of heels is the wedge heels which supports the whole shoe with its solid heels. The stacked heels are shoes which are sewn with layers of material.

Do you have any idea about what makes these shoes unique? It is their thin and spiky heels that give them a sexy look. Favourite among fashionable women, these boots are simply gorgeous. In fact, if you wear a very simple outfit and pair it up with these boots, you will look stunning. People are sure to look at you for the second time when passing you by. If you are a woman who would love to attract the attention of others, these boots are a must have in your closet.

Like leather flip flops, they can’t fall prey to the salty water. Of course, they are made of some qualitative waterproof materials. Thong sandals made of rubber and glossy(waterproof) leather are most suitable beach footwear for a woman.