If you’ve been reading my work at Associated Content then you know I write a lot about sports. I’ve been a long time fan of baseball and college football. I’m a big supporter of women’s softball, tennis and volleyball. But one sport I’ve never really gotten behind was the NHL. Recently my sister moved to Buffalo and became a die hard Sabres fan. She convinced me to start watching the NHL this season and after watching the first couple weeks of the season I’m hooked. These are 10 reasons that I enjoy the NHL.

Physical exercise in the form of aerobic exercise works perfectly. Now you may not think that getting in shape can do any good for removing DHT and regrowing your hair, but it does. When you workout your body produces steroid metabolizing enzymes that actually eat up excess DHT.

A white trash chick needs a name like Crystal,Amber, Sunshine, or Destiny. One idea for an outfit is a white denim mini skirt coupled with a brightly colored tube or halter top that is a little small for the upper body and reveals a bit too much skin.

Women can more easily and radically change their looks because female hairstyles are so much more varied than those of men. If you are a gal, have fun with wigs and different styles of makeup. Let him know that you still want to lure him in. Even though a guy has limited choices on hair styles he can how to grow a beard to change up his looks. The trick is to be novel in what you do. You do not have to find your next fashion statement, just have fun.

Clothes. Start early and buy quality, classic styles. Take care of your clothes. Don’t buy trendy clothes unless you have what you need in the classics. Learn what brand’s you prefer and stick with them. Certain brands will fit you better, and it’s better to spend a little more if you have to. Save money by buying at the end of the season.

A good beard trimmer costs perhaps $20 and will have several length settings which enable you to grow it as long or as short as you like and still keep it symmetrical and neat.

When you are relaxed and happy with all the things in your life, your best face shines. There are no words to describe the look of accomplishment or a big win of some kind. The natural feeling you have lights up your face and shines your light around you.