While blogging for fun and to communicate with like-minded souls is an enjoyable process, blogging with the intention of making money can quite stressful.

Try to avoid taking out large loans when starting a home business. Could your family good will be worth the financial investment? Furthermore, these loans often stipulate that your home is collateral for failure to pay.

Your website should include a banner page. You will be able to exchange for your banners with outer webmasters. This method is an excellent one to increase your search rankings which ensures that other people will have an easy time locating your online blogs page and product.

You simply introduce the article. In other words, write two to three paragraphs as an introduction summarizing what it’s about and relating it to what you have been teaching your blog readers. You can even add some spice to it by either disagreeing with some points and agreeing with others. When you disagree, add your solution to what’s been said as this further grows your expert status to your audience.

People love to be given things. People love to learn. So give value in the process! On top of building relationships you can be giving value to the community and everyone viewing your profile page by putting out valuable content (articles,videos,press releases,Visit my website posts) but remember not to put so many ads, but always give value and push the free content!

My Dad survived the Depression, so naturally for him, it was all about the bucks. Put it another way, it’s about productivity. How are you going to achieve your goals by reading about Brittney Spears? Do you thnk she and Rhianna know who YOU are or give a rat’s tookus about what you’re up to? They need YOU to read about them so they can maintain their celebrity status. Question is, what do you need THEM for?

I would encourage you to take advantage of the slower times during the last couple of weeks of 2008 and make an investment in your business and future by reading my blog. Over the next few weeks, I will post a series “Success Tools & Techniques – How to Get More Done in 2009.” It is my wish that you would experience that great feeling of starting fresh and creating new memories as you start the first day of 2009, feeling prepared and ready to take on the challenges of the new business year.

You now have 2 easy ways to make money online without the headaches of recruiting or selling. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Simply follow the instructions above and you will be making money online in no time.