You have signed up with a reliable music distribution agency, have been selling songs online, and have gotten a supportive fan base. Want to go on tour? Perform live gigs in clubs, bars, and if possible, concert arenas? If it’s a yes to all, start booking for your tour.

Google+ is a product of Google itself; no wonder search results for Google+ users are THE first on-screen results. This is great because free music promotion totally comes into play – isn’t it exposure that artists and bands desire? So keep on top and sign up.

This all works great to bring in new fans to your gang, because there is so much to talk about in your music scene, and you can easily jump into the conversation.

What is the main drive for independent artists promote their music on the web? The fundamental incentive for web promotion is the opportunity to get your music heard by people who might otherwise never know that you exist! If people know you exist they can become fans and repeat-listeners. Which of those fans buy CD’s and downloads? Targeted listeners.

Music marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective. There are services like Tune Boom pro that have many options and no longer only work with major labels and artists. This is a huge advantage as they are very familiar with the strategies that work. The Internet has been called the great equalizer as it allows independent bands and artists to effectively get there music and message out at great speed and volume with the precision that in the past was only available to the major labels. The Internet today is an interactive social tool.

E.B.:In a nut shell, air travel is the worst part about touring. It’s changed a lot since I first started. Let me correct you though, for these particular shows, I will be using a different drummer, Jim Christie, since our usual drummer Brannen isn’t able to make it out.

Exchange links with bloggers and link up with them-it’ll do wonders for blog traffic.Have a tracking system on your site and you’d be surprised who’s checked you out.