We generally are not thinking about mold in our daily lives. Until we actually see it we don’t give it a moments thought. Mold is a growing and living fungus that can infest our home without us even be aware of it. The only way that we can keep the mold away is to use a proper disinfectant before the mold will make us sick.

You can keep your drains in good shape and relatively clog free by pouring in a 1/2 cup of baking soda and let water running over it for a few minutes. Many property owners swear by this to keep pipes clog free.

If your bathroom lacks a window or is very small choose a light color to paint the walls as this will make the room appear lighter and larger. If you really want to add color try painting the lower half a few shades darker than the top half. Add chair railing, small wallpaper border or a row of ceramic tiles where the two colors meet.

Eight: Get rid of that carpeting. If you have your bathroom carpeted, you are likely causing a breeding ground for mold growth, especially if the bathroom is small and not well ventilated. This is a carpet that most likely gets wet every single day, increasing the likelihood of mold growth. Taking it out and installing a waterproof flooring is your best bet.

Some new and interesting sinks have hit the market if you want your bathroom decorating to look a little more modern and unique. Creating a space that is functional and looks good is what you want to accomplish.

If your bathroom is decorated in colors rather than a certain theme, choose Best Shower Curtains that match or complement those colors. Some color combinations to consider are light (or mint green) and white, burgundy and beige variations or cinnamon colors, red and white or red and black, blue with light mauve, yellow with pastels, or dark green with a mix of floral patterns including burgundy, green, blue, and yellow flowers.

If you need to do all of these things and your budget is small, you might want to consider checking out some resale shops for items such as rugs, towels and linens. You might even consider making your own shower curtain out of some extra fabric that you already have. Often times you can get paint at a discount if it has already been mixed. While it may take some patience, you will eventually find a color that you like if you make a few trips to the paint store on different days.

Have a good time redecorating your bathroom. When you are finished give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. After that just sit back and enjoy it!