Brisbane is a fantastic city that you really must visit. It is known as the river city because the Brisbane River passes right through the city centre. When you travel to Australia you must include Brisbane in your itinerary. The people are friendly, the food is delicious and the weather is awesome. How do I know? I have lived in Brisbane for 34 years and here are the top places you must see during your visit.

Trail Mix – The classic trail food, trail mix is best if you make it yourself. It’s easy! Use a combination of seeds, nuts, chocolate coated candies or mini chocolate chips, a dried fruit medley, and a touch of coconut if you like. Stir it all together for a taste tempting and energizing trail food.

No bachelorette party is complete without bachelorette party favors. Some fun party favors include Mardi Gras beads, sparkling tiaras, leis, CBD gummies in naughty shapes, and more. Leis can be made out of traditional flowers or you can use leis made of funny, naughty items. The best bachelorette party favors for your party will depend on your party’s theme.

Try and break the habit of needing to eat when watching TV. Most people spend a good hour or longer in front of the television and before you know it that handful of chips and turned into an empty bag. Make yourself eat at the table, not on the couch.

Hop on the monorail and go to Darling habour (see picture left as seen from the top of Sydney tower). Plenty of places to buy t-shirts and other souvenirs. Also on the ground floor is the best tasting fudge shop I’ve been to. I recommend the apricot favoured fudge. If your travelling around in the inner city buy a rail circle hopper ticket which allows you to get on and off the train as many times a day as you wish and includes Redfern station which is right next to paddy’s markets. Another place to check out is China town just to the south of the CBD.

The best trick you can pull is to treat your little ones to sugar free of charge candy. As extended as you do not say anything at all, they will by no means be in a position to explain to the variation. Certain, there was as soon as a time when sugar free of charge candy stood out and have been virtually inedible. But people occasions have changed for the greater. Today it is virtually extremely hard to explain to the distinction among sugar cost-free sweet and typical pieces of candy that are loaded with sugar.

When considering what types of entertainment to have at the party, consider the age of the children. Also consider your party theme. If you have invited older children, you will want to have more organized play than with younger children. You will also need to take into consideration the location of the party.