Ah accounting. The art of balancing your checkbook and budgets. For most of us, we learned basic math skills beginning in kindergarten and learned what a checkbook was somewhere around 5th or 6th grade. Just think about that for a moment. By the time you reach the age of 30, you’ve known the basic point of how to balance your finances for roughly 25 years. If you’re not so good at this, it kind of makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? Well some of us just don’t have brains that wrap easily around the ins and outs of basic accounting. Never fear! There are tons of ways to get around your aversion to those pesky charts of accounts.

His financial disciples continue to be swayed by his track record. Shares in A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services jumped as much as 11 percent on May 23 after he and his wife disclosed buying 2.65 million shares of the company.

Body for Life was a book written by a man named Bill Phillips. He founded Muscle Media, a bodybuilding discover news as well as the EAS supplement company. You may have read or heard about MRPs (meal replacement products). Well, his company produced one of the most popular.

P.Diddy is hosting another event on Saturday night, “What’s Your Fantasy”, which will be held at the Tower Building in Fair Park. Tickets start out at $500, and go up to $25,000 for a private cabana next to the stage.

Facebook, a profile or page, gather friends and fans to you and your book. You blog as guest on other author sites, and fan sites like Women Write, and you instantly have new interested fans. No one is better at making this look easy than Sunny Frazier who is currently writing her third mystery while adding her buy magazine provocative tag lines to some forty plus blog sites!

Unlike Buffett, Jhunjhunwala has been an advocate of leverage, which he has often used in his career and perhaps best defines his big, bold bet investment philosophy.

So imagine the best. It’s all your fantasy, so you might as well choose fantasies in which you win! Funny thing is, it really only matter what you think. Not what anyone else thinks.