In order to maintain a green lawn one has to take a regular care. You have to mow, water, edge and weed every week. Synthetic grass on the other hand saves a lot of our time because you can clean it with the garden hose and it drains well. It also resists ultraviolet rays, not as slippery as the cement and is stain free. You don’t have to treat it against the weeds and not to clean the animal waste regularly.

“Luxury” for your Pet-because you want the best for your pet, you also want them to feel “luxurious” (to say the least) with the lushness of grass. With synthetic turf, they will not only feel comfortable playing on it but it will also make them feel active.

Artificial grass is too tough for dogs to dig through and the grass is permeable allowing urine to flow through and dissolve into the earth. Of course the large wastes of dogs would have to be picked up as usual and you can use a hose-pipe to dilute the rest. Disinfectant sprays can also be utilized if desired.

Fake grass was first made available to the consumer back in the 1960s. In those early days the fake turf resembled short pile grass. It was made from a material not unlike PVC, which meant that the grass appeared rather spiky. Furthermore, it not only looked fake, it felt fake, too. Artificial grass nowadays is not only much softer and therefore not prickly, it is also far more realistic. Also, modern synthetic turf has infill and a drainage system that is very effective.

The natural and realistic look and feel of the báo giá cỏ nhân tạo sân bóng is achieved thanks to the materials from which it is made. Your synthetic lawn will not have the prickly, sharp, and hard texture it used to have. It will not have the old shine that the fake lawns of the past had. The artificial grass of today comes in different sizes, types, and shades, which result in it being practically identical to real grass. This variety also makes it possible for you to have the lawn you imagine. Your fake lawn will resist the elements, and ensure that it is long lasting and damage resistant.

Synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance. Unlike a real lawn, you don’t have to worry about weeds. You don’t need to use weed killers, no need for fertilizers, and no need to purchase insecticides. You can leave your home for weeks and still go home to a green and well-manicured lawn.

You also have the choice of different pile heights and textures as well as color grasses. This could suit different garden or landscape themes or even play areas for children, commercial sites, restaurants, beaches, bars, cruise ships but to name a few. You may want to match your patio furniture. The choices may be endless, but the main choice is hardly a choice at all. Artificial grass is the best.