Post a detailed project description. Take all the time you need when creating your project on freelancing sites. Make sure that you give all the details that service providers need to know before they place their bid. Tell them how many articles you need, your required word count and keyword density, the required amount of research, your preferred writing format and tone, etc. Be very detailed so you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

Not telling your ghostwriters what you really want. This is the most common mistake of buyers these days. They think that they don’t need to tell their ghostwriters what they want and still get the kind of articles that they’re looking for. Well, you need to be very vocal about your requirements and your needs so your ghostwriters will know exactly what they need to do. For your own benefit, create a very descriptive See my project grow and send it via email so your ghostwriters will have something to refer to.

Focus on your target readers. Keep them in mind while writing your articles so you can easily adjust your writing style to suit their needs. In addition, address their problems and pressing issues so your article will be useful to them.

If you are like the average student in a website design program, you are a perfectionist about your work. You have a grand vision for every project, but especially for your baby, your website.

The list of what VA’s can do it limitless. I had one client who is starting an ecommerce website have his VA research where he could find a drop shipper for the products he was looking to sell. I personally have used a VA to design documents, proof read documents, design logos, research products that I am in the market for. Currently, I am having a VA research the best lawn mower for my needs and provide a recommendation, as well as finding me the best deal.

Here’s a tip I give my writing students – ask questions. If there’s no way to ask the job poster questions, then pass the ad by. You need to know how responsive the poster will be when and if he becomes a client.

Make sure to put 125 character bio in each article. You will need to write your own bio. Your bio needs to have a link to your squeeze page. This will drive the Internet visitor from the article to your website.

Then use mind maps and other pre-writing tools as you research. Create a first draft quickly; then create a second draft which you’ll send to the client for his input.