Having a short hair cut or waiting for the hair to grow back is not the end of the story. Human hair extensions can come to your help in those critical moments. These can blend in perfectly with your original hair and all face shapes.

The array of styles and colours is astounding. They come straight or in curls, long or short and can be matched to one’s natural growth perfectly. In addition, the colours can be added or removed without causing any damage. One’s appearance can be drastically changed for any occasion or just for everyday wear.

If you chose to invest in permed or curly hand tied weft hair extensions, you will have to exert a little effort as compared to straight or naturally wavy hair. For instance, avoid brushing or combing the hair when it’s dry because it will result in matted or tangled strands. Additionally, stay away from oil products because it will also cause matting.

Because the bonnet hair dryer heats your hair evenly, you can put it at a much lower temperature setting and dry your hair for longer. This will ensure that your tied hair extensions does not get heated to such an extent that it gets damaged.

Depending on your hair style, you may wish to add some length to the sides of your head also. Section off an area of hair at the side of your head, about three inches above your ear. Clip on your extension and let your remaining hair fall over it to complete the coverage layer.

It is advisable to have a maintenance appointment a month after you’ve had your extensions fitted to make sure everything is going well. This should be organised with your stylist. If you need any bonds removed or replaced then this is the time to do it.

Be sure to research hair extensions completely, as extensions that are improperly attached or removed can cause permanent damage to the hair as well as hair loss. Also, be sure to do some research on the salon and stylist you have contacted for your appointment. Their training and experience are important factors as well.