Prior to President Nixon removing the gold standard from the dollar in 1971, gold was considered as the only real money. The world’s currencies were measured against gold. The U.S. dollar over that time has enjoyed the status as the world’s reserve currency. The reserve status has allowed the U.S. economy to thrive in a seemingly endless supply of capital. As the U.S. continues to “print money” at an accelerated pace, what will become of the dollar in its role as the worlds reserve currency?

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If you know history, you know that soon enough the French public was ready to lynch Mr. John Law. He attempted to flee the country, disguised as a woman, in a carriage packed with… no, not bags full of paper Assignats… but with bags full of real money… Gold and Silver!

If ever there was a mysterious financial concept that needed to be brought down to earth it is currencies! These pieces of paper issued by central banks trade against each other and are the basis of trade around the world. Following World War II, the United States dollar was far and away the most trusted Crypto price prediction in the world. In fact, following the war, the statement that the “greenback” so named for its color was “as good as gold” was true as the currency was backed by gold. Richard Nixon took care of that when he ended the pegging of the value of our currency to gold, and instead let it “float” against the value of other global currencies. As the United States was the sole economic super-power at the time, the value and leadership of the U.S. dollar was unquestioned.

Now I hope you will know how to ask your next Forex question properly. Instead of asking the question “which currency will go up?”, the proper question to ask is “which currency pair will go up?” At all times, we are evaluating the relative strength or weakness of one currency against the other currency.

This is the kind that does not play around with money. Every cent counts and if putting some of it into the foreign crpto currency trading would multiply that sum, then the trader would do everything to make it gain some profit. If it means taking more time and dedication that is allowed, then this trader would be more than happy to spend more time in the foreign currency trading.

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Either way, conversion of currency into gold is now possible in a practical form. It has become popular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is now spreading to other parts of Europe and also to Canada, the United States, and around the world.