Keep her happy rule #1 – Always be yourself; don’t supplicate. There are guys out there who think they aren’t good enough to attract a jaw-dropping beautiful, sexy woman, so they put on an act. A confident man doesn’t act like this. As I write this article, I’m in Argentina, where there are plenty of amazing girls holding onto the arm of an out of shape dude with a mullet haircut. It just goes to show that women are more attracted to confidence and personality than looks.

Start going to the gym, try a different clothing style or take up a mekking you always were interested in but just never got around to. Something amazing you could do is go sky diving or bungee jumping and if this doesn’t get your endorphins pumping, nothing will. An added bonus if you’re both on MySpace of Facebook and still friends there you can post these pictures on there and she will see them and this will actually make getting your girlfriend back easier in the long run.

Everyone knows something about something. Everyone can be an expert in his or her own field. Think about it, identify it and then write about it! By writing about your experiences, hobbies or life you can pass on this information to others who can benefit from it.

Many thought that to get their ex back, they have to chase their ex harder than before. They call, send hundreds of texts, letters or emails to their ex. Some even stalk their ex hoping to win him/her back.

To become a celebrity you need unshakable self-belief, supreme self-confidence, and endless, ruthless, shameless self-promotion. Do something worth celebrating – something connected with your book. And then do the shameless self-promotion thing.

More and more, women are putting themselves in charge of their income. Gone are the days when women were dependent on their husbands for an income, but a lot of women still don’t feel comfortable managing their own finances. That’s changing. Fast. But women still only earn 78% of what a man would make for the same exact work.* A lot of women are going, “Wait a minute…” Owning her own business can be a way around that. It can also be a way to stay home with the kids when they’re little, either because she wants to or because quality child care is some expensive that it can almost cancel out the extra income.

It took me a while to decide but I think I am going to enter for the electric only circuits as that was similar to the car that I had when I was younger. Now I just have the task of browsing through the shops looking at a selection of fast cars!