Research shows that roughly 70% of the people who work with computers have problems with their vision. That breaks down to 7 out of 10 people. Does this figure agree with your findings?

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Look into the distance every few minutes. Focus on an object far away. This can be elsewhere in the room, in another room, or out of the window. Shifting the focus from the distance to close up three to four times over the space of five seconds helps the eye muscles.

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Before we can understand the best remedy to help our throbbing eyes, we need to try and truly understand what the problem is at any given time. One very common problem-area for our sensitive eyes is our very own workplace, and our dreaded computers. There’s even a name for it: pintrest Syndrome (or CVS). CVS can develop from a few different atmospheres. Primarily, however, it stems from a combination of a poorly lit office, the reflection of the computer screen on our personal lenses, and the strain of staring into the screen for long hours. Whether or not you wear glasses, if ever your eyes randomly begin hurting at work, this is probably the reason.

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Finally, the best weapon of all (and the hardest to acquire) is still patience. Don’t expect too much. Set realistic goals and plot your plans according to these goals. Remember, those artists that you see on TV and you hear on radio did not make it instantly. Any life endeavor, not excluding your dream to be a certified music artist, requires hardwork.