Pet food was once a very simple matter, most people simply fed pets the scraps from their tables. Today we know that feeding our dogs scraps is bed and can lead to health problems because the foods that humans eat are not always suitable for dogs.

Let’s do some math. For instance, if your vehicle currently gets 20 MPG and you drive about two thousand miles per month, you are using up 100 gallons of gas monthly. You are putting $3600 of gas in your vehicle per year!If you are in some European countries you might be paying twice that..If you economy tips by about 1/3rd then you will also save between $1200 and $1300 per year in gas. If you are a two, three or four driver family, this yearly savings multiplies dramatically.

All is well. Before Obama was even born, George Bush dressed up like Rahm Emmanuel and instructed the ghost of Millard Fillmore to talk Joe Sestak out of running for the Senate. In return, Sestak was promised Arlen Specter’s loyalty, which clearly is an object with no intrinsic value.

After President Bush signed the law that created Hurricane Katrina, I found myself with no home and no television. I moved into a cardboard box on the Louisiana coast and managed to eke out a living selling shrimp to a shifty-looking franchiser named Captain D. Yesterday, President Obama showed up on our beach and walked around in his shirt-sleeves, nodding knowingly. Then a nondescript bus showed up, 200 BP employees surrounded the President, and they all performed some kind of weird interpretive dance. Anything going on in the news I should know about?

About the Author. Laura Numeroff grew up on Brooklyn, NY. Her father worked on the art staff of a New York newspaper and her mother was a junior high home mat og drikke teacher. She was a girl scout and her library card was one of her most prized possessions as a child. Numeroff originally attended Pratt College, hoping to become a fashion designer. During a college class Laura Numeroff was given the assignment to write and illustrate a children’s book and she never looked back! Today, Laura Numeroff continues to write and loves spending time with her two sisters and her nieces and nephews.

Until recently, marketing to baby boomers had been all about how to help them remember what it was like to be young-oldies music, retro clothes and ’50s-styled automobiles. Now, it has gone a step further. Today, boomers are starting to buy things that actually make them younger in terms of having a healthier body, and a sharper mind.

Canned food has fewer preservatives and so may be the better choice. It does however pose a storage problem and can be a lot more expensive than dry dog food. Another factor might be your dog’s preference! Some dogs will eat anything while others will only eat certain types of pet food. Experiment a little and be sure to transition your pet slowly into eating the new dog food that you choose. Try different flavors to see what suits your dog.