I noticed, when looking through my sales history, that many of my images have a very long life. The above image of flying money, which I named many years ago, Flight of the Greenbacks, is one of those long-lived pictures. It brought in just under $400.00 over the last year.

So let’s explore the new features in Photoshop CS4 and then decide whether for $199 it’s worth upgrading from CS3 to CS4. If you are still working on an older version of Photoshop such as CS2 or CS then I would definitely recommend upgrading.

As such, you should capture images of the waterfall during summer. Spring will be good too. Be sure to conduct waterfall photography when the water flow is excellent. This will ensure the best composition you can ever imagine.

Notice that the layer is now named Vignette; at least it should be if you followed the first step correctly. Now, with the Vignette layer selected, click on the icon below the red arrow to add a vector mask. The vector mask will appear to the right of the Vignette layer. There should be a black rectangle around the mask thumbnail. This indicates that the mask is selected. If not, then the actual layer is selected…this is NOT what you want, so be sure that the mask thumbnail is selected. If you are puzzled by the purpose of the mask, then click here for a better explaination of Datat Masking Software.

Next, with the Hue/Saturation window still open, you want to determine which color is overriding your skin color. Like I said previously, I seem to have the problem with the reds, so I am going to choose the reds for my picture. You can choose the color that you need to in order to fix the skin color in your picture. You can choose the color using the drop down menu in the Hue/Saturation window.

Channel Mixer: There is also the channel mixer, which allows you to mix the information from each layer in different percentages. I use this technique a decent amount.

In this image, I want the legs to be in the water, this means I want their opacity lowered so it looks like the legs are under water. For this, we need a grey colour. Watch as I brush with the grey! As you can see, I’ve brushed grey and his leg now looks partially hidden! Having image hosting problems atm, Photobucket being bad!