A Bankruptcy attorney will tell you that creditors cannot throw you in jail for not paying your credit card bills. Debtor’s prisons were abolished in the United States back in 1833. The only exceptions that could end you up in jail is failing to pay your taxes or running from child support obligations. Not paying your bills does not constitute jail time until now.

The bank will usually stop trying to harass you for an outstanding debt once it’s tried for six years without success. There’s actually a statute of limitations on loans. You’re not even legally required to pay a loan back once it’s six years past the last time you paid an installment. Shady debt collection companies uk though are happy to buy the right to collect these loans from the banks for very little money and come after you with renewed vigor all over again; kind of the way zombies get up out of the grave and start to follow you around.

This is not going to solve the problem, but it will make it more tolerable. The worst thing you can do is to totally ignore them. However, they will likely keep calling you until you officially settle up with them. Be sure to stay up to date with them, and let them know how you are progressing every 14 to 21 days. This is important for keeping them informed on what is going on, and this way they will be more understanding.

After they send that information, dispute the debt. This will force the debt collector to do more research. Then, if they provide some paperwork about the original debt, you’ll be able to better verify its accuracy.

When you are sued, you have a set time frame in which to file a written response with the debt collector and the court, called the “answer”. Depending on local rules, you have between 20 and 30 days to do this.

Or you could collect the debt yourself. It is not difficult to master Credit Collections skills. The task requires no special skills – just an ability to learn a few simple tasks and a lot of common sense.

If you will follow the supportive advice offered, you can easily build the credit you want. Most importantly, you want to have a reliable plan and stick to your commitments. It’s definitely possible to repair your credit, so don’t worry and get going!