Our family recently returned from a vacation to Europe which included a visit to the city of Barcelona. My husband and I had spent a few nights in Barcelona back in the 80’s and to be honest, we did not enjoy our stay. We came down with traveler’s tummy and spent most of the time in our hotel room. For this trip we hoped we would have a better experience, especially since we were bringing our four kids. I am happy to report we had a wonderful visit and here are a few tips that may help you have a more enjoyable trip.

BusSongs has a huge library of great songs and nursery rhymes. Search by title, popularity or theme such as musical rounds, TV songs, holiday tunes and more.

The general area in England is all about transportation through trams and railway stations. You will find this small town to have good transportation methods available for the residents as well as travel tourism. The rail stations have been around for a great deal of time and it helps those get to where they need to get.

The tax incentive program that the Film Commission is working on is fine, but only a start and a drop in the bucket in terms of scale. What if the private sector created an incentive package to attract projects? What if they created a matching fund in concert with the public incentive program to double the money? In New Mexico, the state makes loans to films and receives repayment with interest as the films prosper. They make huge money. The private sector here could do the same thing. We could match funds with the state, loan out to production and reap the benefit both financially and as a progressive community. Discuss.

I’d do it, except I’ve learned something about Brighton since 2006, when we relocated here from southern California. I disagree with the way Brighton executes its plans for growth.

About that time I was reminded of a decision I had made earlier in the day. Any time we travel I have major problems with “regularity.” Or in my case, lack of it. A friend had recently introduced me to a wonderful product that promised to keep things moving, but slowly and gently. Like the next morning. I decided to try that product, and took a pill just before going to bed, as instructed, anticipating gentle relief in the morning.

The smartest option is to restrict yourself to those products that are available from the stores and that have been approved by your manufacturer. Going in for original spares and components is always a smart move. Further, you will have a clear idea of the various customizations and modifications that you can opt for.

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