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The first section of this system is the click here software. You just have to select the nische and the applications generates the content for you. This saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to write them yourself. With the 2nd part of the Procedure you’ll be able to publish the articles to numerous websites which will pay you per view. In the 1st week I made round about $50 a day, which isn’t close to the $200 per day promised by Mike, as a result if you are looking to earn more then just some dollars a day you have to study a bit more about Internet Marketing. The nice thing is with this technique you get a lot of extremely goog information how to maximise your income.

I write and blog my articles daily. I have a precise time of the day when the deadline for the next article MUST be met: 8 a.m. Eastern time. To do this I find all the data I’l need the day before and review it before bed time. Then I am awake and drafting, editing, then finalizing the day’s article by 3 a.m. Eastern time; that is not a misprint! I have found the silent hours of the (usually) uninterrupted night the very best time to write, not least because I am wide awake and full of beans at that time. You’ll find the schedule most suitable for you; set it, adhere to it religiously. You will find if you do that your brain and body will be willing to work at that time, and that is a great benefit.

Once your content has been written, the articles will need to be approved. Read the articles in order to make sure that everything is how it should be. If you find any minor mistakes then you should consider correcting them yourself. That should take a few minutes of your time at the most. But if you feel the article is poorly written, then you should ask for it to be rewritten. Once your article has been approved, the distribution process should naturally commence.

Review your articles again and again. Make sure your addressing the points you wished to make in the article and make sure your title addresses what your article is actually about.

What’s the point in using an article spinner? You should really try and maximize the results you get from each article you write. Submit your articles to at least some of the top article directories. Also, place your article in social media sites, your various blogs, your own website and even your newsletter emails.

People in offline publishing (say, magazines for instance) do this all the time. They have a magazine on a specific topic, and every month they come up with new articles. They do this for years on end, never thinking that they’ve covered their topic exhaustively.

Of course, blog flipping isn’t just about the sale at the end. Ideally you can make an income along the way and this can also be a selling point. If the blog is currently earning $100 per week without you buying traffic, there are going to be more takers than if it is earning nothing. So make sure that you add in Google AdSense and any appropriate affiliate schemes and keep a monthly record of all incomes. You can even take part in sponsored posting once the blog is old enough and again, keep records of these earnings. You might find that whoever buys it is interested in such avenues and evidence of current success will be a benefit.