When it comes to welding aluminum, you can make use of any welding technique available in the market. Given the astronomical high cost of TIG welder, you might be tempted to opt for other welders as well. However, TIG welder is by far the most effective method for welding aluminum as it ensures safety, easy to use and quality results which are very essential for creating sturdy welds. Never compromise over quality for cheap price at any given day and it is very important that you create sturdy welds, especially when you are involved in heavy manufacturing. TIG welder is a highly efficient and effective welding tool for welding aluminum metal.

The mig welding depends upon the voltage and feed rate. When you use this Portable Welding Machine see that the voltage and feed rate are set properly. Another thing to remember is to wear the protection gloves and helmet. That’s because when the metal is connected with the welder small spark are thrown out. Which means it can damage your eyes and can burn your skin. Another important thing is work in an open space. Before working with mig weld see that the place doesn’t have any object which can catch fire in no time. If you are a beginner in this field then first try to practice on small scraps of metals.

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The term “short circuit” means the wire actually touches the weld puddle. It short circuits while melting into the puddle and all the while is heating up until it finally blows like a fuse. When that happens it creates the arc that is what makes the heat. This arcing and short circuiting happens so many times in just one second that the arc sounds like bacon sizzling in a pan.

This is a continuous welding process. As long as you keep your finger on the trigger and the welding wire touching the base metal you will be able to wire feed weld all day. There are many different types and brands of welding wire that you can use for many different welding applications.

Install the axle. It should be placed in the middle of the wheels. Where you put the axle on the trailer depends on how you want the trailer to work. If you want it to tip backwards, then the axle must be set up near the centre of gravity.

When it comes to doing an open root welds on pipe or plate the general rule is you must have a good fit up! That is more than half the battle. Even the best welders will have a lot of difficulty putting in the root pass if the joint fit up is poor. The ideal fit up should have a landing ranging between 1/16″ to 1/8 of an inch. The gap between the two pipes should also be between 1/16″ to 1/8 of an inch. Ideally you want the landing and gap to be consistent all the way around the pipe. It’s easier said than done!

Then I cut 2 bend straps out of the plate, ground the weld smooth and bend the straps 180 degrees on the weld. One root bend and one face bend were tested.