If you haven’t set up a blog already – do it today. You’ll need to become an active blogger for several reasons. Yes, it’s true, blogging can be a waste of time. It can drain your profits and act against your business by taking time away from cash generation. Indeed, it can take your mind off what you should be doing and divert you into pointless activity.

In most cases, you do not want to get in your visitors way. However, if you are hoping to earn AdSense revenue, you need to get directly in their path in order to get your ads noticed – and clicked on. This is why so many people opt to put their AdSense code directly in their entries. When it comes to blogs that is usually where a visitors attention is focused – on the entries. Try putting the AdSense code directly in the middle of each post, using one of the rectangular boxes. Just make sure that you tell your visitors that the post is continued below.

You can activity offer to exchange links with other blogs that are involved in the same topic as you. This blogging tip has been used by some of the top bloggers because they know that search engines will increase your rank based on the number and the quality of links pointing back to your blog.

Whatever your reason, you should get started now – or get back to Blogging for beginners as the case may be. Here’s some motivating enlightenment that you may find surprising.

On the one hand, you may be interested in blogging for fun just for the sheer fun of it, in which case the totally free methods might be perfectly suited to you. The one drawback to this would be that with the free methods, you do not own your own blog in the literal sense of the word.

For example, a few years ago I did a course on how to trade options online. The information was invaluable, but in the end, I still needed about five to ten thousand dollars to put at risk to make some money. I could make a pile of money from doing so, but there was also a risk I could lose it. Not only this, but I was required to make decisions each day about whether or not to invest, so I had to be at my computer, watching the market, at a specific time of day.

The choice is yours, you can do the bare minimum and get what you’ve always got – a backache, minimum wage, and a bag of fries or you can take your blog up a notch and do what’s necessary to be successfully blogging for real money.